Hermine Shower Gel for Hair
and Body 
is designed to
take care of your hair 
and body,
every day.

History of the Hermine Shower Gel for Hair and Body

WELLNESS treatment 
             by EXCELLENCE

Do you remember that summer’s evening on a beach in Brittany? Imagine the SOFTNESS of the fine sand between your toes with the WARMTH of the sun’s rays on your skin. As the day ends, the sun dwindles to an orange glow, ready to embrace the ocean. This dazzling show is nature at its best, the kiss of life between sky and sea. The essence of Hermine is a reminder of those UNIQUE and MAGICAL memories on the Breton coast.



Sea chamomile

Maritime chamomile is SOOTHING and HYDRATING. Buckwheat and broom have ANTIOXIDANT properties.

And aromatic gorse flower water intensely RELAXES the epidermis, helping to release beta-endomorphins,
which are the molecules involved in WELL-BEING.


Gorse flower

A WELL-BEING ritual with

Shower Gel for Hair and Body 


Take some time for yourself and turn your morning routine into pampering heaven with Hermine Shower Gel for Hair and Body. Instant escapism. Take a first-class seat and enjoy an adventure for the senses.

hermine ajonc
hermine fleur
hermine mer
hermine galet

As soon as the warm rain from the shower falls onto your skin, your mood changes and your mind is filled with these precious memories. The active ingredients from coastal flowers, maritime chamomile and buckwheat – a Breton grain that is transformed into flour to make rich and healthy dishes – play together in perfect harmony in this Shower Gel for Hair and Body. Each time you use it, you embark on a new journey towards a destination you know well, the vibrant and lively shores of Brittany.

From a Brittany where life is good, where simple and natural pleasures abound. Your gaze rests intently on the horizon, you are wondering how far it reaches. Marvel at the lapping waves, the whisper of the surf as it meets the rocks. Collect handfuls of pebbles along the beach and throw them so they ricochet across the clear water. Linger until the final glow of the setting sun and hope to see it again in the morning, and every day after that.

hermine rocher
hermine camomille


Escapism for the body and mind begins after just a few minutes of using the product. It is a SENSORY journey to Brittany, the land of pure air and craggy shores. Two-in-one Hermine Shower Gel for Hair and Body creates a unique sensation for your hair and skin, so you can instantly enjoy a spontaneous sensation of WELL-BEING. Start this ritual straight away and reconnect with what is most important. Yourself. An essential connection for well-being. With the gifts of nature throughout the seasons, in a land of HISTORY and HERITAGE with breathtaking landscapes. Climb the dune and admire the expanse of blue stretching out before you. Fall in love with the sensation of total relaxation.


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