Triskel Shower Gel for Hair and Body 
expresses its authentic self and
POWERFUL temperament.



ENERGISING and INVIGORATING Triskel Shower Gel for Hair and Body expresses its AUTHENTICITY and POWERFUL temperament. This two-in-one product with toning and nourishing properties creates a wonderful feeling of WELL-BEING. The product for everyday use is formulated with MARINE active ingredients. It strengthens the hair fibre and keeps the epidermis in beautiful balance while ensuring it stays TONED.


criste marine triskel


Triskel Shower Gel is specially formulated to bring out the benefits of its ACTIVE INGREDIENTS. Pure sea water provides more than 62 essential trace elements and mineral salts to restore minerals to the hair and skin. Samphire – known for its DRAINING and TONING properties – is combined with red algae extract that softens the skin, and Guérande clays that are rich in magnesium and help regulate stress. Triskel Shower Gel for Hair and Body brings about an intense feeling of inner calm.

Seaside lichen

bergamote triskel

Guérande clay

shower gel with essences of BRITTANY

Just like the fragrance of the same name, Triskel Shower Gel for Hair and Body is inspired by the force of the elements to create a feeling of intense freshness. Drawing from the shorelines of Brittany and the thundering western winds, Triskel Shower Gel for Hair and Body is to be applied to the body every day while showering, during your morning ritual.

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triskel photo eau
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They conjure up the sensations of fierce and invigorating storms. Allow yourself to be carried away on the wings of this intense life force, swept along by the swirling winds of a nascent storm. Your soul receives an invitation to take part in this explosion of sensations and emotions. Often buffeted by cold winter winds, Brittany is the land of legends, sailors and ships.

Its steep and jagged coastline bears witness to the power of the elements. The force of the waves against the sand that destroy the dikes as they pass; the power of sea spray for the body and mind. The elements are unleashed and there is something majestic about them. Like a message from nature, an order to take matters into your own hands, to feel the vibrant force that comes from the earth and the sea.

triskel photo menhir
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The STRENGTH of the elements also connects with your inner being. Earth represents the PHYSICAL body and its ENERGY, water symbolises the EMOTIONAL body, air the MENTAL body and fire represents the SPIRIT. Fire is a representation of WILL, LOVE and WISDOM. Triskel draws its LIFE force from these four elements, but also releases our animal need for LOVE. Containing the Triskel fragrance, the eponymous Shower Gel for Hair and Body draws focus to our inner STORMS and brings the POWER and WISDOM required to get through everyday life.


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