and POWERFUL scent, Triskel
draws its power from inland Brittany
and the depths of the sea.


Enhanced with MINERAL fragrances and sandalwood in the base notes, Triskel whisks you away on a journey through LAND and SEA. This captivating fragrance combines the power of the ocean, the SYMBOLISM and RUGGEDNESS of stones, and the AUTHENTICITY of wood. It sparks a desire for escapism, an urge to travel, and brings ENERGY and VITALITY to the contemporary man. 


bois santal triskel


Triskel is a SENSUAL and MASCULINE fragrance; an explosion of FRESHNESS bursting with floral and saline notes. Sandalwood and white musk bring hints of softness as only they can. Marine and wet pebble accords conjure up the thrilling sensation of sea spray. Citrus and fruity notes underscore the perfume’s BRIGHT, SUBTLE and FRESH character.

Wet pebbles

bergamote triskel


fragrancethat reveals the FORCES OF LIFE

Brittany has four proper seasons. The elements are unleashed in the depths of winter: earth, water, fire and wind. The alliance of these four sources of power embodies the wild and authentic force of nature. Totally untameable.

triskel photo nuage
triskel photo tempete
triskel photo vague
triskel photo rocher

Triskel Fragrance for Men was designed and created by Anne and Stéphane Gerveau and is intended to reflect an energetic, spontaneous, lively and astonishing Brittany. Drawing its incredible powerful strength from storms. Constant renewal. A rebirth from the depths of the abyss. Imagine crashing waves beating down onto rocks, seafoam sweeping across the beaches of the wild shorelines pummelled by wind and rain.

Don’t ignore this impressive spectacle, it is an integral part of Breton life. Signs of life are engraved in the rocks, as they are in the trunks of ancient trees that stand in Brittany’s imperial forests. Brocéliande, Monts d’Arrée, the list goes on. There are many mythical and mystical forests which express the strength and power of legends.

triskel photo forêt
triskel photo forêt


This distinctive signature scent, with both MARINE and EARTHY overtones, leaves a MINERAL and ORGANIC trail on your body. Both SOFT and STRONG, the Triskel fragrance is captivating to anyone who wears it. Nobody can resist its charms. The journey to the heart of a GREEN and BLUE Brittany, where the land meets the sea, is an intense experience to be shared. Triskel Eau de Parfum takes on a life of its own and reveals these multiple facets, restoring the memories of these inner STORMS. A man sits against a menhir on the ANCESTRAL and MEGALITHIC lands of Brittany, coming into physical contact with the thousand-year-old stone polished by time. He is wearing the Triskel fragrance and the THRILLING sensation is palpable.


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