Hermine is a SENSUAL and
SEDUCTIVE fragrance 
for women.
It captures the beauty of a summer’s
evening after a day at the beach.


elements in a MOISTURISING
body lotion

Do you remember that summer’s evening on a beach in Brittany? Imagine the SOFTNESS of the fine sand between your toes with the WARMTH of the sun’s rays on your skin. As the day ends, the sun dwindles to an orange glow, ready to embrace the ocean. This dazzling show is nature at its best, the kiss of life between sky and sea. The essence of Hermine is a reminder of those UNIQUE and MAGICAL memories on the Breton coast.



hermine sureau


This Body Lotion is formulated specifically to ensure COMFORT and WELL-BEING. It contains hazelnut oil that SOOTHES and SOFTENS the skin while restoring its SUPPLENESS.

Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, sunflower and grape seed oils deeply NOURISH the skin.

Campion flower extract forms an anti-pollution SHIELD while MOISTURISING the skin and PROTECTING it against oxidative stress.


hermine silène fleur

Silene flower


After the shower, your skin needs one last enveloping and enchanting caress. Hermine Body Lotion is a response to this morning ritual. Apply the soothing hydrating lotion in small dabs to enjoy the benefits of refound nature.

hermine femme soleil
hermine coucher soleil
hermine oyat
hermine vague plage

Starting at your feet, gently massage your skin, move up along your calves and thighs, and finish on your upper body. Spend some time on yourself, enjoy a little well-deserved pampering. The subtle scent of this Body Lotion will take you on a sensory journey.

As you are whisked away to the height of summer, your body feels soothed after a day of sunbathing and swimming. It has been a day to relax and unwind, to take some time out and reconnect with yourself. Enjoy the warming sensation of the sun on your skin, and feel as soothed as at the end of a summer day, with the worries of everyday life behind you.

hermine femme soleil
hermine vague plage


Deeply nourished with sunflower, grape seed and hazelnut oils, your skin is left RADIANT. It feels enveloped in a glow of WELL-BEING and SOFTNESS. Returning to you, perhaps miles from Brittany as you prepare for a busy day, you will also benefit from the anti-pollution and anti-stress SHIELD effects of this expertly formulated Body Lotion. It’s an opportunity to start your working day in the best state of mind – CALM and SOOTHED – ready to tackle the challenges of everyday life with renewed enthusiasm. Hermine Body Lotion is now your skincare partner, and will create a COCOON of softness for you that will last all day long. Remember the summer and focus on what is truly important.


Order samples of Hermine and Triskel worth €5 and deduct that amount from your next order of the Bienvenue En Bretagne perfume.
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