Hermine fragrance

Do you remember that summer’s evening on a beach in Brittany? Imagine the SOFTNESS of the fine sand between your toes and the warmth of the sun’s rays on your skin. As the day ends, the sun dwindles to an orange glow, ready to embrace the ocean. This dazzling show is nature at its best, the kiss of life between sky and sea. The essence of Hermine is a reminder of those UNIQUE and MAGICAL memories on the Breton coast.

Triskel fragrance

Enhanced with MINERAL fragrances and sandalwood in the base notes, Triskel whisks you away on a journey over LAND and SEA. This captivating fragrance combines the power of the ocean, the SYMBOLISM and RUGGEDNESS of stones, and the AUTHENTICITY of wood. It sparks the desire for escapism, the urge to travel, and brings ENERGY and VITALITY to the contemporary man. 


The ultimate WELL-BEING experience
MOISTURISING and SOOTHING Hermine Shower Gel for Hair and Body is designed to care for the hair and body, every day. The plant-origin foaming agents GENTLY cleanse the skin and hair and have a HIGH TOLERANCE level. Hermine Shower Gel for Hair and Body releases the essential notes of the perfume, bringing the two products together in an INTENSE olfactory encounter.

The BENEFITS of NATURAL elements
Hermine is a SENSUAL and CARNAL fragrance for woman. It captures the beauty of a summer evening after a day spent at the beach. The perfume sparks nostalgic sensations of refound HAPPINESS and WELL-BEING, a desire to combine treasured memories with the present moment. The ultimate women’s fragrance, Hermine creates a sensation of FULFILMENT like no other.



The ultimate WELL-BEING experience
ENERGISING and INVIGORATING Triskel Shower Gel for Hair and Body expresses its AUTHENTICITY and POWERFUL temperament. This two-in-one product with toning and nourishing properties creates a wonderful feeling of WELL-BEING. The product for everyday use is formulated with MARINE active ingredients. It strengthens the hair fibre and keeps the epidermis in beautiful balance while ensuring it stays toned.


our brand

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With this range of strong and distinctive products, Bienvenue en Bretagne® concentrates the most BEAUTIFUL elements of Brittany in an aromatic BOX.
Through the POWER of the olfactory memories they spark, Hermine and Triskel bring back the exhilarating times spent in this land of spectacular LANDSCAPES, steeped in HISTORY and HERITAGE.
Take advantage of these opportunities to get back to nature at any time of the day.



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