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History of the Hermine fragrance

Do you remember that summer’s evening on a beach in Brittany? Imagine the SOFTNESS of the fine sand between your toes with the WARMTH of the sun’s rays on your skin. As the day ends, the sun dwindles to an orange glow, ready to embrace the ocean. This dazzling show is nature at its best, the kiss of life between sky and sea. The essence of Hermine is a reminder of those UNIQUE and MAGICAL memories on the Breton coast.


mandarine hermine


Leaving a SOFT and SENSUAL fragrance on the skin, the EVOCATIVE olfactory notes in this very contemporary accord captivate the senses. Extracts of citrus, bergamot and mandarin pulp create a GOURMAND accord, while patchouli contributes a CHYPRE note, and hints of amber and wood ensure that the fragrance LINGERS on the skin.

May rose

vanille hermine

Vanilla flower

SENSUAL Fragrance for Women

Whether born Breton or a Breton at heart, you’ll fall for the irresistible charms of the Hermine fragrance 

hermine oyats
hermine dune
hermine plage
hermine femme

A fragrance with evocative scents that instantly whisks you away to the fine sandy beaches of the Breton coast, bringing back memories of a sun-kissed evening during your most recent summer holiday to Brittany. Imagine yourself emerging from the warm water, feeling the sensual caress of the evening sun’s rays on your skin. Underfoot, the heady sensation of fine grains of sand, still warm from the heat of the day.

Lying on your beach towel, your eyes rest on the infinite horizon. As the day draws to a close, the blue sky is adorned with ochre, pink and gold. You recognise the beauty in this brief parenthesis, a special moment in time. Twilight beckons with intoxicating darkness and the promises of a new dawn, where bliss combines perfectly with the serenity to which everyone aspires.

hermine coucher soleil
hermine coucher soleil


The Hermine fragrance has been crafted to bring you this host of sensations: it is WELL-BEING, LIGHTNESS, SOOTHING and FULFILMENT for the senses, captured in a bottle. The fragrance has been specially created by Anne and Stéphane Gerveau and originates from the region of Auray, where waves crash onto the rocks of the wild coast, and fine sandy beaches stretch endlessly around one of the most beautiful bays in BRITTANY. The sea surges up the river and feeds into the waters of the widely admired Gulf of Morbihan. Anne and Stéphane Gerveau designed and developed this ETERNAL perfume for anyone looking to rediscover the nostalgia of time spent in BRITTANY. With a few drops of this unique scent, you can now transport yourself back to Brittany, no matter where you are. And treat yourself to some PEACE and CONTEMPLATION.


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