Order the Hermine and Triskel samples for a value of 5 € and deduct this amount from your next order of the Bienvenue En Bretagne perfume.
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Perfume Water, 60 mL

With its luminous, magnetic and powerful perfume, Triskel draws power from the land and sea of Brittany.



With its MINERAL and ORGANIC character, Triskel draws its life force from the four elements and recaptures those elements in its trail. Water, earth, wind and fire mingle, come together then disperse in a whirlwind that overwhelms the soul.

AUTHENTIC and WILD, the Triskel fragrance carries sea spray in its wake and rides the surf on the ocean waves.


Spray Triskel onto your pulse points: below the ears, inside the wrists and on the lower neck.
Let the fragrance become one with you.